63328 Brand Alliance Sales Meeting

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“Navigating COVID-19’s Impact” U.S. & Canada National Webinar, April 2020

“Managing the Y & Z Market” National Webinar, March 2020

“Selling Beyond Price” Orlando & Las Vegas, January 2020


“Growing Your Business: Facing the Challenges of 2020” Philadelphia, August 2019

“Data Analytics, Coachable Behavior, and the Customer Journey” Atlantic City, June 2019

“Brexit, Tariffs, and Strategies to Overcome Obstacles” Birmingham, UK, May 2019

“Evolving With the Younger Generation” Concord, NC, March 2019


“The New Market: How To Succeed With The New Workforce” Austin, July 2018

“Selling Adaptation” Atlantic City, June 2018

“Competing in a Digital Marketplace” Wolverhampton, UK, June 2018

“Millennial Market: Panel Discussion” Houston, May 2018

“Millennial Consumers & The Connection to Small Business” Wilmington, April 2018


“Managing Young Professionals” Milwaukee, September 2017

“How To Adapt To A New Market” Kansas City & St. Louis, September 2017

“Reaching A Younger Market” Providence, September 2017

“Social & Digital Connection to the New Market” Richmond, VA, September 2017

“How To Adapt To A New Market” Cincinnati, September 2017

“Young Professional Engagement” Orlando, August 2017

“Reaching A Younger Market” Minneapolis, August 2017

“Millennial Buyers and A Changing Culture” Kansas City, A Brand Company, July 2017

“A Guide to Millennials” Scottsdale, May 2017

“The Millennial Market” AAF Space Coast, May 2017

“A New Workforce” Chicago, April 2017

“Managing the Millennial Market” Puerto Rico, March 2017

“A New Workforce” Puerto Rico, March 2017

“Managing the Millennial Market” Denver, March 2017

“Managing the Millennial Market” Pittsburgh, February 2017

“Managing the Millennial Market” Philadelphia, January 2017

“Managing the Millennial Market” Las Vegas, PPAI Expo, January 2017


“Millennials: Attract, Engage, Retain” Tampa, IMAGEN Brands, November 2016

“Millennials: Attract, Engage, Retain” Seattle, September 2016

“A Millennial’s Life” Boise, Boise Young Professionals, September 2016

“Millennial Engagement & The Industry” Dallas, August 2016

“Generational Demographics & The New Market” San Francisco, August 2016

“Millennials: Attract, Engage, Retain” American Advertising Federation, July 2016

“Promo University” South Carolina, June 2016

“Reaching the Millennials” Philadelphia, Artistic Toy, May 2016

“Generational Demographics & The New Market” Las Vegas, PPAI Expo, January 2016


Managing the Millennial Market Interview (5:29)

Reaching the Millennials (33:06)

The Luchador (Voice Over) *Telly Award Winner

Media Buyers (Voice Over)

The Consumer Market (1:03)