“This has to be one of my favorite presenters I have seen!” -Jodi Foster, Vernon Company

“Large crowds showing up consistently for his education, Seth Barnett is onto something.” -Tim Brown, Quality Certification Alliance

“The number of attendees at our education event doubled when they learned of Seth’s presentation, with people literally standing outside the door to the meeting room to listen.” -Gary Slavonic, Top Brands

“Seth did an excellent job of providing new insight and helping the generations better understand each other, especially the difference in perceptions as well as the “I” versus “We” relationship statements.” -Linda Burich, Global Recognition LLC

“Seth’s connection between relevant business topics, generational motivation and international economics means this is a program for everyone, globally. It should be a cornerstone to understanding the transformations happening in our global market.” -Andrew in Victoria, Australia

“Exceptional presenter and information.  It was amazing how many things Seth said that I have begun to communicate to my international business partners i.e. instant gratification vs quality, working with trusted sources, generational integrity, est. It gave me a great sense that we are all moving in the right direction.  I can’t wait to share this new knowledge with everyone I work with. Great job Seth!” -Nancy Gosewisch, Browse25 USA